• Time
  • 10:00am to 6:00pm
  • Email
  • melisfoncam@gmail.com
  • Address
  • No 379 Bonantone Deido
    Douala Cameroon


Skills Acquisition

Members of Melisfon enjoy constant entrepreneurial training especially on several types of skills which includes; Air freshener, Body perfume/ body spray, Germicide (izal), Antiseptic (Dettol), Liquid soap (instant method), Liquid soap (soak method), Tablet/ bar soap, Stain remover (bleach), Toilet wash, Car wash, Hair shampoo, Hair conditioner, Petroleum jelly (Vaseline), Body cream, Hair cream, Medicated anti dandruff hair cream, Insecticide, Custard, Dustin powder, White powder, Chocolate ice cream, Banana ice cream, Best ice cream, After shave, Paint making, Bead making, Hat making, Biscuit production, etc.

Medical Services

All members enjoy free thorough eye check-up at Melisfon Eye Centre (Digital Tonometry, Dilation etc.) and eye screening in other locations.
As a member, you can pick up affordable HMO packages from Melis Medicare HMO and select any hospital of your choice from their numerous affiliate hospitals. In the HMO packages you will enjoy: General consultation; investigation and treatment including prescribed drugs and dressings; necessary lab/diagnostic procedures and plain x-rays; preventive care and counselling; minor surgeries; routine immunization – child polio, measles, BCG, DPT and Hepatitis B; Hospital admission including prescribed drugs and dressings, standard ward/private ward; Accident and Emergency – nationwide cover including local evacuation ETC. For HMO packages and Prices contact Melis Medicare on www.melismedicare.org or call


Our unique social responsibilities services benefit both members and non-members which includes the less privileged, Widows, orphans, sick people etc.

Leadership/Human Resource Management

We create and train leaders in the world of business organisation. We train you to understand the basics of creating, building and sustaining a good organisation/company so that after you have acquired a skill, you can own a personal company. Leadership and human resource management skills are what you need to catapult your business to the greatest height, and that is what we train our members on.


Melisfon members have a free ecommerce platform to sell their profession or any product of their choice. Melisfon provides the opportunity for all its members to get their products to a global audience as our platform cuts across international boundaries. Our ecommerce allows consumers to electronically exchange goods and services with no barriers of time or distance.