Our seminars goes digital due to the growing demand and popular request. Watch seminar on live Webinar.

While members hold their various seminars, there will be constant Webinar by the Company. All members will be receiving mail and messages on the next Webinar. Everybody can link up Live from wherever you are. This will go a long way to rekindle the fire in your old downlines. Encourage them to link up on Live programs, we will do the talking for you. Only continue creating new frontiers, your success story is secured.

Take your Time to go through the New Compensation Plan and see the changes therein.

Join hands with us as we are about to Put Diamond in Your Sky.

Take a look at an advice from one of our member to all members:

“We must all resolve that this time it will not be business as usual, that we must now work the talk, that we will not only do things right but also learn to do the right things, that we will be honest than before, learn and train our people better, move away from the get rich quick mindset to building a sustainable business, use meridians as a tool to help those around us. Never promise what you cannot deliver because after the initial excitement comes the reality of work that pays. It is my sincere prayer that you and I with meridians will become the next big success story on the African continent.” - Mr. Revelation