MD's desk

Times and Seasons are not in man’s hand. It is in God’s hand. This is my faith” – Dr. Madu.

Welcome to a new dawn! We are about to experience a positive storm in the history of MLM in Nigeria. In Early 2016 Melisfon a.k.a Meridians Life Support created the compensation plan that has never been seen in the MLM industry before. We created the greatest waves and delivered like no other and many imitators followed our footstep yet failed to deliver. Many more are trying to come up in imitation.

We are reinventing the wheels, we are about to rock the networking industry with the greatest “NEW FACE OF MELISFON.” Melisfon is ahead in the industry. Old or new member, you have the opportunity to rock with us.

Let’s use this opportunity to address some questions that might be going through your mind.