There will be a live broadcast on the New Face of Melisfon by the CEO/African Rep. Dr Madu Gift. We want to inform all our members to tune in and join the broadcast. If you have questions that you will like to hear addressed by the CEO kindly submit your question to All the questions submitted might not be answered within the 1 to 2 hours broadcast but be assured that they will be answered on a subsequent broadcast. For your question to be attended to, Include your names, username and your city. Example:
Name: Israel Gift
username: justme
City: Accra, (Ghana)

To join the broadcast, you need to login to your meridians account and on your dashboard you will see the broadcast screen display. At this time, on the broadcast screen display, you have the opportunity to watch the first car award of Meridians Life.

Date: 28 October 2017
Time: Check on the broadcast display screen few days before the broadcast to know time for your country.

We are looking forward to see you join us on broadcast discussion.