1. It has come to our notice that Certain Individuals send messages to the Public pretending it is coming from Melisfon with the intention to defame and malign the Management and achieve selfish intentions. We are using this medium to remind you once again that Facebook and WhatsApp is not our official channel of communication.  Any message you can not find on Melisfon Website should be ignored and please report to us the source of the Message. 
  Note: if you get a message on Melisfon from any source other than the official website please ignore or you call the office lines as found on the contact us page on the Website.  

2. We have also received report of people presenting themselves as Melisfon management on Facebook and people pay money to this individuals who eventually swindles them , please be careful who you deal with, always contact the office lines and read companies Terms and Conditions before you register

3. Certain people are using Melisfons Name and The Company C.A.C number to produce Herbal Medicines in the name of Melisfon. We are alerting you now to know that such Herbal Medicine is not coming from Melisfon.